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Zpoždění 13 minut
publikováno: 26.04.2017 09:50
Vlak LE1353n ze stanice Praha, hl. n. do stanice Bohumín bude na příjezdu asi o 13 minut opožděn.
LEB9556n Zlín, aut. nádr. Přerov, aut.st. 09:52
LE1356n Bohumín Praha, hl. n. 09:55
TEB202 Wien, Flughafen Schwechat Wrocław, Lotnisko Kopernika 09:55
TEB202 Wien, Flughafen Schwechat Wrocław, Lotnisko Kopernika 09:55
LE1353n Zábřeh na Moravě Bohumín 10:01
NONSTOP 220 311 700

LEO Express Bus

Black-gold LEO Express buses are the pride of our bus fleet. You can also choose between Economy and Business Class.

Connected train from Prague

The bus is waiting for a train from Prague, directly in front of the train station in Olomouc!

TigerExpress minibuses

TigerExpress offers daily connections from Wroclaw, Ostrava, Olomouc and Brno to Vienna and its airports.

Service on board

On the LEO Express connections serves fresh Nespresso coffee, tea, water and snacks. There is a WiFi connection, air conditioning, toilet, newspapers and a steward on board.

PickUp / DropOff to address

You've got long way to our stop? Order this additional service and let yourselves be taken to your desired location without any worries! The service operates in selected cities.

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