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Zpoždění 13 minut
publikováno: 26.04.2017 09:50
Vlak LE1353n ze stanice Praha, hl. n. do stanice Bohumín bude na příjezdu asi o 13 minut opožděn.
LEB9556n Zlín, aut. nádr. Přerov, aut.st. 09:52
LE1356n Bohumín Praha, hl. n. 09:55
TEB202 Wien, Flughafen Schwechat Wrocław, Lotnisko Kopernika 09:55
TEB202 Wien, Flughafen Schwechat Wrocław, Lotnisko Kopernika 09:55
LE1353n Zábřeh na Moravě Bohumín 10:01
NONSTOP 220 311 700
You can simply buy a ticket on our webpage www.le.cz. You do not have to print the ticket – you can simply pay by your credit card or with LEO crowns.

Are you currently without internet access or credit card? You can visit our ticket offices in Prague main station, Olomouc main station, Ostrava-Svinov and Ostrava main station.

Do you need a ticket and there is no ticket office in your city? You can buy a ticket in one of our agencies that are close to the train stations in many cities and towns on our route.

You can buy a ticket also over the phone. Just call +420 220 311 700 and our operators will take you through the whole process of the reservation. Please, be ready to dictate your credit card number.

Sometimes it may happen that you do not have enough time to buy a ticket in advance. Then we offer a possibility to obtain the ticket directly on the train (in stations where we have a ticket office we charge an additional fee of 40 CZK).