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Zpoždění 33 minut
publikováno: 23.07.2017 10:38
Vlak LE1356n ze stanice Košice do stanice Praha, hl. n. bude na příjezdu asi o 33 minut opožděn.
TEB304 Katowice Airport Ostrava střed, žel. st. (BUS) 10:45
LEB2022 Praha, Letiště Václava Havla Praha, hl.n. (Wilsonova 10) 10:50
TEB307 Ostrava střed, žel. st. (BUS) Katowice Airport 10:55
NONSTOP 220 311 700
We have places in our trains that are specially dedicated to strollers. Two of these places are in the Kubík's children compartment. Our units are completely low-floor, and so boarding with a stroller is really fast and easy. When buying a ticket for a child with a stroller, the booking system will automatically choose appropriate seats for you.

We are also able to transport people on wheel chairs very easily. Our units are wheelchair accessible, we have boarding platforms at your disposal and there are seats specially dedicated to wheelchair users. We recommend that you contact us at least 24 hours before departure, so that we can ensure the maximum comfort.

In our trains, there are storage spaces for larger baggages in cars B, C and D. Smaller pieces of luggage can be stored under the seat or in the shelves above the seats.

Bicycle transport is possible on all trains and on the bus line to Salzburg, for further details click here