Aktuální odjezdy

LE1367 Vrútky Košice 01:32
LE1350 Liptovský Mikuláš Praha, hl. n. 01:37
LE1350 Ružomberok Praha, hl. n. 01:54
LE1367 Ružomberok Košice 01:58


1. LEO Express train

From Prague, Prerov, and other stations on the route you take the train to the station Ostrava-Svinov.

2. Easy transfer

Minibus is waiting for a train in front of the train station in Ostrava-Svinov.

3. Minibuses TigerExpress

From Ostrava you will travel by tiger-striped bus TigerExpress to the Kraków Airport.

Services on board of the bus

Water and small snacks are for free on board. There is a WiFi connection, air conditioning and a 230V socket too.

PickUp / DropOff to address

You've got long way to our stop? Order this additional service and let yourselves be taken to your desired location without any worries! The service operates in selected cities.

Katowice Airport

Express connection to the Katowice Airport 6 times a day. Number of low-cost flights all over Europe.